Winter Slam Tourney Schedule at Pentagon


Here is the Saturday schedules for this weekends tourney. Also I attached the link to the tourney so you can follow along with the results.

Good Luck this weekend to all of our Venom teams in action!!!

5th Boys:
Saturday 9:00am vs. Pentagon Crt 9
Saturday 11:00am vs. Bennington Badgers Crt 8

6th Boys / Grey
Saturday 12:00pm vs. Bennington Crt 9
Saturday 3:00pm vs. TBD Crt TBD (Depends on the results of game 1)

7th Boys:
Saturday 12:00pm vs. Pentagon Crt 7
Saturday 2:00pm vs. Swish Crt 7

8th Boys:
Saturday 9:00am vs. Pentagon Crt 6
Saturday 11:00am vs. Bennington Crt 6

6th Girls:
Saturday 10:00am vs. Pride Crt 9
aturday 1:00pm vs. Pentagon Crt. 9

Scott Stearns / Executive Director

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